Blue Legs Cross

I'm using the blue shoes, how about you?
Everyone must have shoes. Exactly, but not everyone fell so happy when they used their shoes. Except me of course. I'm so happy when I use my shoes, so I am take this picture for two times. This picture is the first shoot. But I affirmed this picture take not for sell or endorse something mark or product. It is pure just for showing my happiness when I use this shoes.

Picture Theme : Shoes, Foot, Object 
Blue Legs Cross
Can you look at this picture? This is when I placed the right foot on the left and placed the left foot on the right. So anytime something not placed on their place will make their useless or not work. So this picture show about how you must put and use something at the must place. Dont be carelessly, be honest, care and patient for your life!

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